Best Free Career Self-Assessment Tools

Review of the Best Free Career Self-Assessment Tools on the Internet

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Knowing your career path is very important, especially if you want to grow vertically. It helps you to create a plan that will influence your overall life. Career self-assessment tools are some of the most important components that we can use to make the right moves. But why are self-assessment tools important? And what are some of the best free career self-assessment tools on the internet? This article offers an overview that’s related to all these.

Table of Contents

  1. What is Career Path?
  2. What Are Self-Assessment Tools?
  3. Why Self-Assessment Is Important For Choosing Right Career Path?
  4. Free career Self-Assessment Tools on the Internet

What is Career Path?

These are various positions which an employee moves on as they grow in an organization. Note that an employee’s career path may be vertical i.e. they move going upwards or laterally where their growth is across. All career paths consist of job sequences which are used to create a career plan.

What Are Self-Assessment Tools?

These are processes or systems which are designed to help an individual identify their strengths and weaknesses. A self-assessment tool also highlights character traits, preferences, biases as well as other shadings which help to create a personality.

Why Self-Assessment Is Important For Choosing Right Career Path?

Before you step into an interview room, you have to understand yourself. This is critical in helping you choose the right career as well as the right working environment. The importance of self-assessment for choosing a career include:

  • Helping job candidates choose careers based on their unique skills, personalities, values, and interests.
  • It reduces the chances of needless frustration as a result of disinterest.
  • Helps users to discover new career paths which they may not have previously considered
  • Highlights areas of weakness which may need education or new training

Free career Self-Assessment Tools on the Internet

The better you understand yourself, the better you will become at your job. Most people are usually frustrated by their jobs because they are over or under-skilled. Additionally, the work environment may not be suitable for their physical and mental being. A career self-assessment tool can help to highlight all these factors beforehand, leading to a better career path. If you need job search tips, career insights, and workplace trends, some of the free career self-assessment tools that you can use include:

Myers Briggs Type Indicator

This is one of the top free career self-assessment tools that helps people to gain insights on how to learn and work. Myers Briggs was developed by Katherine Briggs and Isabel Myers, a mother-daughter duo. It’s a system that relies on a set of four psychological functions by which human beings use to see this world.

Key Features

  • It contains 8 personality types used to create a set for four character groups and an array of 16 characters. They are Extraversion [E]- Introversion [I],
  • Sensing [S] -Intuition [I], Thinking [T] – Feeling [F], and Judgement [J]-Perception [P].
  • Helps people to identify their personality types, strengths, and preferences.
  • Uses a questionnaire-like test.
  • All personalities are equal
  • There are no wrong or right answers
  • It assesses different psychological functions without looking if you have dysfunctions or abnormality


  • It’s a great framework that helps to build relationships and enhance the development of positivism
  • An essential self-assessment tool that can help you achieve your goals and build your career
  • The real MBTI test is usually done in the presence of a qualified practitioner.
  • Provides deep insights into different personalities


  • An unreliable test that can produce different results for the same test and person
  • This indicator is available in more than one version is an online platform that is designed to help both students and professionals to make well-informed decisions. It’s one of the best sites that have resources as well as answers to various questions in your profession and majors.

To use, simply sign up and then select your situation and get tailored results that are designed for your needs. This platform has a huge database that contains more than 500 short videos and over 700 careers. is a platform that is 100 independent and it offers unbiased customized information that you can use to understand your career needs, majors, and colleges.

Key Features

  • The site is divided into four main sections which are: Careers, Assessment, Colleges, and majors.
  • Suitable for professionals who want to do a career personality test. has around 16 potential personality types.
  • Career interest inventory that’s based on Holland Codes
  • A skills profiler platform that matches your skills and most suitable jobs
  • Syncs your career path and underlying values
  • Has a salary calculator
  • A list of the top ten highest paying jobs and the latest college rankings

College and university database with a query tool that can match SAT/ACT scores with majors, locations, score, costs etc.


  • It’s a site that’s rich in resources
  • Provides the latest job and college rankings
  • Comes with a salary calculator and offers financial guide


  • The user interface should be updated

Best Free Career Self-Assessment Tools

Keirsey Temperament Sorter (KTS)

Keirsey Temperament Sorter (KTS) is one of the most popular free career self-assessment tools that can be used to assess personality. The questionnaire-based personality test uses observable personality traits to measure temperaments. Temperament is what helps to outline our values, talents, and attitudes. You can use it to formulate your different personal needs and enhance your contributions to your workplace.

KTS uses a configuration of habits of communication, characteristic attitudes, patterns of actions, values, and talents. It’s a system that’s based on four personality traits which are used to create 16 different personality traits.

Key Features

  • Uses observable personality traits to determine temperament
  • Key personality traits which are: Artisans, Guardians, Idealists, and Rationals
  • A popular self-assessment tool that’s used with popular brands such as IBM, AT & T, Coca Cola, Bank of America among others.
  • Consists of 70 self-report questionnaires with two choices each.
  • Offers insights on an individual’s type and level of temperament, leading to a better understanding of your weaknesses and strength.
  • Influences your life goals for the better


  • Helps you to understand your strengths and weakness
  • Provides insights on your behavioral and communication style
  • Influences your life goals and how you interact with others


  • KTS may be used incorrectly because tests have to be passed
  • The tests may be unreliable

Holland Codes

Holland Codes is a system that helps people to classify jobs according to job categories, work personalities, and interest clusters. Holland codes use six personality types to create a questionnaire of your interests, activities, aspirations, and skills.

This is one of the most used free career self-assessment tools that use Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, and Conventional (RIASEC) traits to create a 3-letter code with your three dominant personality types. According to this system, we can classify jobs as well as people and then match them.

Key Features

  • Uses the RIASEC principle that’s based on Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, and Conventional traits.
  • Classifies different personalities and occupations and then creates a match
  • Consists of 48 different tests that need to be rated  by how much you would enjoy them
  • Helps people to search for work environments where they can use their skills and abilities.


  • This assessment tool relates your key characteristics with related careers, abilities, and college majors among others.
  • The code helps you to understand your interests
  • Can help you to achieve life or career goals


  • The results may be inconsistent.
  • People change

Big Five Personality Assessment 

This system uses a five-factor model to assess personality. The Big Five Personality assessment is one of the top free career self-assessment tools that’s consists of tests which are rated on different point scales. It’s normally used in academic psychology to create a summary of the participant’s personality.

The Big Five Personality assessment uses five key dimensions: openness, conscientiousness, extroversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism (OCEAN). Note that all these traits normally rely on a spectrum of degree. As a result, a person has the ability to possess a certain range of said characteristics.

Key Features

  • A five-factor model that depends on openness, conscientiousness, extroversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism.
  • The scale rates personalities between two extreme ends
  • Suitable for use in a professional setting
  • It uses a questionnaire assessment to determine a person’s style and preference


  • Great for introspection
  • Helps to build better relationships with others


  • Personality traits may be influenced by genetics and environment
  • The results obtained may be skewed

The Bottom Line

Career assessment tools are important, especially if you are looking to major in a certain field or looking for a new job.  The self-assessment processes or systems help you to understand your skills, abilities, preferences, and underlying values. Although a self-career assessment is the first step towards a better job and career planning process, it’s also not the last. Make sure that you explore your field of interest and evaluate different occupations in order to find the one that best fits.