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Overview of What is it and How to Use it

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Choosing the right major or career can be very frustrating. You have to be keen because one wrong move means that you might end up regretting for the rest of your life. is one of the sites that’s designed to help students, as well as professionals, live a more fulfilling life. The site which has a huge database of career resources as well college information is 100 percent independent. This article offers a review of, and why it’s the best platform for middle school students, high school students, college students, and professionals.

What is

This is an online platform that offers career and college advice. The site offers both professionals and students customized advice on how they can live more fulfilling lives by making well-informed decisions about their careers and education. It has a huge database which you can use for research and get insights on what you need.

How Does Work?

Choosing a career is one of the most challenging and important things in life. But with platforms such as, it’s easier to now choose the right career. This platform offers various career assessment tests and testing resources which include:

Career Personality Test

This test will help you to learn your personality type. MyPlan has about 16 potential personality types. They will help to pinpoint some of your professional strengths a direct you towards the occupation that compliments your unique personality. MyPlan has more than 700 careers and they are usually ranked by how well they match your personality.

Career Interest Inventory

There are many people who work in environments that they aren’t interested in. the best thing about MyPlan is that it has a career interest inventory that’s base on Dr. Holland codes. These codes highlight how people with the same interests are usually found in the same work environments.

Career Skills

One of the easiest ways to get dissatisfied with a job is because you are not good at it. So, the best way to get the job you will love is by having the necessary skills. has a skills profiler which you can use to make a personal assessment. The platform helps people match skills with careers.

Career Value Assessment

The career you choose has to satisfy your personal values. If you want to know your underlying needs a motivation, then take the Values Assessment test from It helps to synch your career path and underlying values.

Note: Apart from careers, there is also a section with college resources and majors.

Career Value Assessment

How to Use It

You can sign up at online. After that, you can select your situation and answer a few questions that are tailored to meet your specific needs. You can use the decision aid to weigh your priorities so as to understand what career and or salary is good for you.

Generally, platform is divided into four sections: Careers, Assessment, Colleges, and majors. The career section has an exploration database where you can input your query and then search. Some of the career resources include:

  • A video library with short videos for over 500  careers and industries
  • Salary calculator
  • The top ten list of the highest paying jobs in America
  • A career community where you can interact with other like-minded people

The college and university database has an advanced query tool that you can use to match schools based on your ACT/SAT score, location, majors, cost, and others. Some of the college resources you will find here include:

  • The latest college rankings
  • Financial guide
  • Famous alumni directory
  • College community among others. has a majors and degrees database that can help decide what you want to study. The database has more than 1,200 items including every major that’s offered on every campus in the US.  There is also a list of the top ten majors, categorized under certificate, associates, bachelors, Master’s, First-Professional, and Doctoral. Other resources that are found here include:

  • The majors and degrees resource center
  • Majors community

When to Use It

You can use MyPlan when you want to get a career or college advice. This platform, just like many free career self-assessment tools, offers personality tests, career match, salary calculator, the industry database, colleges, majors, and many other things that you can use to make the right professional or educational move.

Advantages of

  • Has a huge database that’s rich in resources
  • Suitable for students as wells professionals

Disadvantage of

  • Its user interface needs to be updated for easier navigation

The Bottom Line is a site that contains a wide range of resources which professionals and students can use to make their next best move. The 100 percent independent site offers unbiased personal information based on your needs about college, majors, and career.