Holland Code Work For Choosing Career

Overview of Holland Codes System: What is it and How to Use it

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If you want to live a satisfying life and attain your goals, it’s important to choose the right career. And in order to choose the right career, you have to understand who you are. To help you know the best type of career that suits your skills and personality, there are various free career self-assessment tools that you can use. Holland Codes is one system that you can use to determine your work personality and below is its overview.

What is Holland Codes?

It is a system that helps people to classify jobs according to interest clusters, job categories, or work personalities. The codes represent six personality types i.e. Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, and Conventional (RIASEC). The RIASEC test asks different questions about your skills, aspirations, interests, and activities. The result is usually a 3-letter code that’s made of your three dominant personality types.

How Does Holland Code Work For Choosing Career?

This self-assessment tool is designed to help job seekers determine their top interests. Note that human beings are multifaceted hence their interests shouldn’t be associated with one specific thing. Most people have multiple interests and Holland Codes work by presenting to you the top three types of interests.

According to Dr. Holland’s theory, it’s possible to classify occupations just the way we categorize individuals by their personalities. This means that we can classify people and classify occupations and then create a match between them. But as much as this looks very simple, there’s more to be considered when looking for the most appropriate career.

After you have obtained insights about your potential career choices, you have to do more research about these occupations and then make the appropriate decision. Note that a career may seem good and best fit for you based on your personality. But you have to consider additional things such as training.

Holland codes use the RIASEC principle which are:

Holland Code Work For Choosing Career

Realistic [R]:  A person who is realistic loves concrete tasks. They can work alone with other people. Additionally, they are also competitive and assertive. Realistic persons are usually interested in jobs that require strong motor coordination. They are usually scientists and mechanics because they love to work with things.

The best careers for this category include a dentist, plumber, chemist, equipment technicians, engineer, furniture finisher, plumber among others.

Investigative [I]: These are people who love to think and observe rather than acting. They tend to organize and understand information. Investigative people prefer solo engagements and they love to use their analytical or abstract skills to figure stuff out.

Some of the best investigative occupations include economist, scientists, psychologists, and sociologists.

Artistic [A]: These are creative and open-minded people. Artists are usually independent, perceptive, inventive, original, and emotional. Additionally, they don’t love rules or structures that bind them. They usually think and organize themselves in order to understand the different artistic and cultural aspects of life.

Artists normally work with things and ideas. Some of the best artistic occupations include performing artist i.e. singer, actor or dancer. Other include fashion designers, creative writers, and photographers.

Social [S]: They tend to interact with other people more often. A social person usually gets satisfaction by helping or teaching others in different situations. They love working with people and not things.

Some of the best social occupations include a social worker, home health aide, teacher, occupational therapist, licensed practical nurse, member of the clergy, certified nurse aide among others.

Enterprising [E]: These are people who use their skills to persuade or lead others. Entrepreneurs are good talkers and they value their status, reputation, power, and money. They love to work with data and people. Besides that, they are leaders who love to take challenges.

Most of them are usually extroverts who are aggressive.  The top enterprising occupations are like a chef, attorney, restaurant host, wholesale buyer, retail buyer, retail salesperson, chief executive, and others.

Conventional [C]:  These are people who love structured tasks and tending to details. Conventional people love rules and regulations which help to emphasize their self-control. They dislike unclear or unstructured work as well as interpersonal situations.

The place so much value on money, reputation, and status. The top conventional occupations include bookkeeper, loan officer, cost estimator, accountant, actuary, and human resources assistant etc.

How to use Holland Codes

This free career self-assessment tool gives you your scores in six interest areas. Once you have obtained your score in the six interest areas, you can do a job search to find a career that matches with your top interests. The assessment will help relate your key characteristics, job personalities, college majors, abilities, and related careers.

When to Use Holland Codes

Holland codes are some of the best free career self-assessment tools which you can use to choose the right occupation. It helps you to find what you like to do it and the right career that will suit you. The codes simply help you to understand your interests.

Final Thoughts

The Holland Codes tests will give you a 3-letter code that highlights your dominant personalities out of the six possible choices. From this self-assessment system, you can use the results to find a compatible career that matches your abilities, skills, traits, and interests.


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