Overview of Best TV in The Market

Electronics Technology

Television sets, or TVs, have been a regular fixture in our homes since they became mainstream more than half a century ago. They are the ultimate source of entertainment at home while continuing to be a productive resource in schools and businesses as well. The vast difference between the first black and white model and the latest models in today’s market is an epic demonstration of the technological advancements. Since the turn of the century, TVs have become less bulky and increasingly slimmer. This means minimal interference with your decoration and allows for a spacious room. We will be discussing the best practices and things to consider when shopping for a TV. Finally, we will wrap up with 3 best TV models that are available in the market today.

What is a TV?

A TV is often considered a family’s best friend. Fondly referred to as telly in some parts of the world, a TV is simply a display device allowing for audio and video to be transmitted through various means of mass communication. It is an essential component of the marketing and advertising industry while the entertainment and journalism industries also rely on TVs for a major portion of their businesses.

How Does a TV Work?

The first TVs worked on the principal of cathode ray tubes (CRT). Some people argue that reflecting light set ups also qualify as TVs but no consensus has been reached on that front. Skipping the scientific jargon, it was simply a beam of charged particles which would be modulated on a display screen to form an image. With the passage of time, this process was refined to produce black and white images. Industrial setups brought these television sets to the mainstream electronic market and it has never looked back. CRT TVs were bulky but they were a status symbol in their time. Families would gather at the single household in town which could afford a TV to watch news and entertainment programs. Slowly, the prices went down and just about everybody could afford a TV.

In the 1980s, several Japanese electronics companies successfully ventured into digital transmission and shortly thereafter came the digital displays starting with the infamous liquid crystal displays (LCD). High definition (HD) resolution was the gold standard at this time. However, newer and higher quality variations have since continued to flood the markets as it continues growing over time introducing QHD and Full HD resolutions into the foray with LED displays being the latest and newest trend in the market today with resolutions climbing to an incredible 4K.

How do You Pick the Best TV?

All kinds of TVs require a connection or a transmission service to display the television channels. Cable providers used to dominate this market. However, Internet Protocol (IPTV) has recently replaced cable almost exclusively as it provides better quality and higher resolutions.

The latest Smart TVs can actually connect to internet and download any required software and updates on the fly. They allow users to connect to the various cloud platform services like Netflix and Skype even allowing you to call using your TV turning it into a full fledged multimedia and communications solution.

Picking the best TV is a simple task. You just have to factor in your budget and the size of the TV. Nowadays, functionality also plays an important part and you could pay a little extra to get many latest features in your new TV.

3 Best TVs in Market Today

Please find our latest TV reviews covering the 3 most sought after and popular TVs in the market today.

Samsung QLED Q9FN (2018)

Samsung QLED Q9FN (2018)

This could actually be the best TV ever. With sharp, crisp visual and large size variations (55-inch, 65-inch and 75-inch models), this is the highest rated Samsung TV ever. Oh, and did we mention Samsung is the market leader in all kinds of display technologies. This TV starts at $2,797. 

  • Spectacular resolution on a large display
  • Amazing surround sound
  • Great smart system 
  • Limited Viewing Angles
  • After sales service may not be the best in some locations.  

LG C8 OLED Series

LG C8 OLED Series

This is another affordable OLED TV that’s available in 55-inch and 65-inch models. This model comes in a trendy ultra-thin design which makes it a treat to watch and would add the requisite wow factor to your living room for prices starting at only $2,697.

  • Excellent contrast
  • Ultra-thin
  • Fantastic operating system
  • Not the best brightness for a TV in this price range
  • Weaker speakers

Sony Bravia A9F OLED (2018)

Sony Bravia A9F OLED (2018)

Sony’s elite line of TVs gives tough competition to any other brand. However, Sony’s insistence on charging premium prices higher than other brands makes this a tricky choice. You’re definitely getting a bang for your buck but one has to think if it’s really worth trading off $3,498 for an excellent TV that eventually plays second fiddle to Samsung’s most critically acclaimed and highly reviewed TV screen today.

  • Latest Android Orea OS
  • Glorious UHD display
  • Superb 4K image quality.
  • Elegant design
  • Black levels not up to the mark sometimes.
  • More expensive compared to other TVs in the same price range

Bottom Line

TVs are a significant part of our lives. We have so many choices and the prices are incredibly low compared to just a few years ago. Therefore, the best thing to do is just head to the market and do a preliminary survey to know the right price and then just go for it. Just remember to sign up for an extended warranty and excellent after sales service reputation. Happy watching!


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