How to Take CBD: Important Dosage Considerations and Possible Side Effects

How to Take CBD: Dosage and Possible Side Effects

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There is a growing “revolution” of people who use CBD for medicinal purposes. This cannabidiol has attracted a huge number of users thanks to its organic effectiveness. There is an overwhelming number of CBD oil products means that a lot of people may find it challenging to determine the right amount of dosage. Well, here are a few things you need to know about CBD dosage.

What is CBD?

CBD Hemp oil is an active compound obtained from industrial hemp. CBD reviews show that it has a wide range of medicinal benefits. They include anti-emetic, anti-anxiety, anti-depressant, anti-inflammatory, and neuroprotectant among others. CBD comes in different concentrations and forms for various purposes.

Important Dosage Consideration

CBD Dosage is usually influenced by a number of factors. Weight, age, and sex are some of the crucial factors that determine the dosage. Additionally, the type of medical condition you’re treating is crucial. Below is an outline of important dosage considerations include:

  • Concentration: this term refers to strength and it is usually in milligrams. It’s worth noting that concentration isn’t the same as CBD dosage. Dosage normally refers to the CBD content per serving.
  • Tolerance: naturally, the body becomes intolerant to CBD the more you use it. This means that tolerance builds over time. As a result, the effect of the same dosage will decline and you’ll need to gradually increase the amount. Generally, it’s good to start with a smaller CBD dosage. You can, thereafter, increase the dosage gradually.
  • Medical Issues: the severity of your medical issues also plays a crucial role in determining the CBD dosage. For instance, mild complications such as nausea and headaches need just a moderate dosage. On the other hand, chronic or severe medical conditions need a higher dosage.
  • Weight: your BMI has a direct influence on the effectiveness of CBD. People with higher BMI need more CBD. The more you weigh, the higher the dosage you need. On the other hand, people with much lower BMI need a lower dose.
  • Form of CBD: CBD oil can easily get infused into different products. You can find topical products such as CBD cream, CBD Gummies, CBD Edibles, CBD Tinctures, and Vape Oil among others. These products all come in different concentrations and they produce different effects on the body. For instance, edibles such as CBD gummies have a long-lasting effect compared to vape oil.

 Measuring Dosage for Different CBD Products

The amount of CBD Dosage depends on the form of CBD products. Using edibles such as CBD gummies and capsules is easier because the dosage is usually premeasured. If you are using CBD tinctures, you can make estimates. For instance, a 750 mg tincture with 50 ml means that the bottle has 50 1-ml servings with 15 mg of CBD.

Measuring dosage for products such as topical creams, salves, and balms isn’t easy. This is because you need to apply them depending on your needs. It should be noted that most topical products contain concentrations ranging from 250 mg to 1500 mg.

How to Calculate Dosage

How to Calculate Dosage

The best way to calculate the CBD dosage is by using an online calculator. This helps to eliminate the need for guesswork. You can calculate the right dosage based on:

  • Weight: there are several weight-related factors that may influence the absorption rate of CBD Oil. They include the distribution rate of CBD in different organs. Besides that, the metabolic rate is also important. However, metabolism usually depends on the method of consumption.
  • Ailment: this depends on the severity of your medical condition.
  • Personalized approach: this depends on your needs and personal preferences

Why Should You Use a CBD Dosage Calculator?

Using a CBD dosage calculator can help to eliminate the guesswork involved in determining the right CBD dosage for you. Although CBD has many health benefits, it should only be used in the recommended dosage. Generally, you should use it like any other prescription drug until you obtain the desired effects.

Although CBD is well-tolerated, you can also overdose on it. However, this is a rare scenario that requires you to consume CBD Oil in bulk. For instance, research studies indicate that a 180lb make will need to ingest almost 33 tablespoons of CBD oil in order to overdose. So, it will really take time and effort for a person to overdose.

Safety and Side Effects

Overdosing on CBD Oil is very are. Various CBD reviews show that you can take high CBD doses without experiencing serious effects. But as much as CBD is a well-tolerated product, it may cause allergic reactions. Besides that, the cannabis extract can interact with certain medications. Common side effects of using CBD products include:

  • Change in appetite
  • Change in sleep patterns
  • Weight changes

Taking CBD, especially in the form of edibles, can result in drug interactions. They interfere with the functioning of the liver enzymes, which metabolize drugs. Possible CBD drug interactions may happen if you are using:

  • Dietary supplements
  • Prescription drugs
  • Certain over-the-counter drugs

Note: several research studies indicate that CBD-rich cannabis extract may increase the risk of liver toxicity. To avoid any serious side effects, especially if you are using prescription drugs, consult first with your doctor. Additionally, pregnant and breastfeeding moms should exercise caution.

The Bottom Line

While it’s not possible to overdose on CBD, getting the right dosage is usually important. It helps to minimize the chances of unwanted side effects. Generally, using the established guidelines and recommended dosage will help you to attain your desired results quickly. On the other hand, using trial and error can easily increase the risk of potential side effects.