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Written by Staying healthy and fit is the desire of every person on earth. But this is not the case due to the compromised lifestyle that ranging from eating habits, exercise, and the general lifestyle. These issues such as eating junk foods, snacks or other unhealthy foodstuffs have led to weight concerns for instance obesity and overweight. These undesirables are further pioneered by the fact that people have become lazy or others are too busy to part exercises and gymnastic activities. Herbalife nutrition thus came as a rescue to enhance people manage weight as well as practice healthy eating habits. According to the available Herbalife reviews the company is continuing to enable people to achieve their health goals and targets. The following subsections are going to give a better understanding of the various Herbalife nutrition facts.

Who Are Herbalife Nutrition?

Herbalife Nutrition is a weight Management Company founded by Mark Hughes in 1980 in Los Angeles, California who sell and market meal replacement shakes that supplement the body with various nutrients for purposes of enhancing quality life. The Herbalife nutrition products range from products such as Herbalife shakes, weight management supplements, multivitamins, protein shakes, energy drinks, Herbalife protein bites, and dietary supplements. These products are mostly sold by distributors who purchase from the company at a lower cost to make a profit. Besides the products are available online where a client is free to place an order for delivery.

Herbalife Nutrition Products

Herbalife Nutrition offers a variety of products ranging from meal replacement shakes to supplements. The products are precisely stated below.

1. Formula 1 Herbalife nutrition shake – is the most common product by the company and comes in different types of flavors such as chocolate, vanilla, wild berry, banana caramel, and others. The ingredients available in the product are soy protein isolate, casein, soy lecithin, casein, and hydrogenated oils. According to Herbalife nutrition facts these shakes contain low calories and 9 grams protein which usually make people feel full longer thus enhance weight loss.

2. Herbalife protein drink – it contains 15 g protein, 110 calories, 5 g carbohydrates, 3 g fats, and 1 g sugars.

3. Herbalife H3O Fitness drink – this drink is recommended to be used after workouts. The ingredients used include 14 g carbs, 60 calories, and 12 g sugars.

4. Herbalife personalized protein powder – components used in manufacturing are 20 calories and 5 g protein. They work well with water unlikely with milk.

Other Herbalife nutrition products include Herbalife supplements and vitamins such as:

• Formula 2 multivitamin
• Herbalife tea concentrate
• Formula 3 cell activator
• Cell-U-Loss
• Total control
• Snack defense
• Aminogen


Pros And Cons Of Herbalife Products


According to the Herbalife nutrition website, the following are some of the benefits of Herbalife products.
• The products are very essential to clients concerned with weight management and weight loss issues. This is supported by the Herbalife nutrition facts that the products are very low in calories and have controlled amounts of nutrients from the available Herbalife reviews
• The products enhance general health wellness, for instance, the protein shakes form a complete diet with 21 vitamins and minerals.
• The products are usually cholesterol-free and contain healthy fats such as soy-based shakes.
• Some of the ingredients contained in Herbalife nutrition shakes such as fiber assist in weight loss and digestion.
• Herbalife nutrition shakes are easy to acquire and convenient to prepare.


• Some of the Herbalife supplements used in weight loss programs have been tested to contain ingredients that are termed harmful and also contaminated with bacteria B. subtilis which cause pose adverse effects to the liver.
• Relying too much on the meal replacement shakes may make a person unhealthy and make someone feel hungry faster due to having low calories constituents.
• The products usually aren’t accommodative to all persons as far as providing alternatives to those who have allergies to some of the ingredients used.

Buying Guide For Herbalife Nutrition Products

Herbalife nutrition is a Mult-Level Marketing Company that involves the purchase of products in their online portal as well as via distributors. The distributors usually obtain the product from the company and sell to consumers at a profit. A distributor may also convince a customer to be to purchase the products and become a distributor as well according to various Herbalife reviews. The products by Herbalife nutrition contain special instructions as far as the product working is concerned. Some of the information contained in the buying guide includes; quantities involved in weight loss, maintaining weight and add nutrition and weight gain.

Customer Satisfaction Herbalife Reviews

According to the available online Herbalife reviews, it is evident that according to the nutritional facts about Herbalife products most customers are satisfied. This is attributed to the praise for the company’s products as they enable them to achieve their health targets such as weight management especially those who initially were in a bad state.

Overall satisfaction on the prices offered for Herbalife product is unfavorable. This is pioneered by the fact that most customers usually buy products from distributors who charge different prices to make profits. Although customers enjoy using the products the main shortcoming is exploitation by middlemen since some of them aren’t in a position to purchase directly online from the company.

Nevertheless, some customers have negative attitudes towards Herbalife products as far as the ingredients used and flavors are concerned. Some complained of misleading Herbalife nutritional facts because they didn’t provide genuine information about the products.

Final Words

Herbalife nutrition provides a variety of products ranging from meal replacement shakes to supplements designed to enable people to achieve their health goals such as weight management. Although these products usually come with different flavors some which are consumer’s favorites, they should because of the ingredients used as directed in the buying guide. Even though the products have benefits, consumers should also be cautious of use since they also pose health risks such as liver damage. To be much safer before the use of Herbalife products it is great to consult a health specialist first.

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