Mama June’s Body Image Issues, Surgery and Weight Loss Transformation

Mama June’s Body Image Issues, Surgery and Weight Loss Transformation

A lot of people are dealing with weight loss issues and it even gets difficult with the constant body shaming. Most overweight or obese people have to deal with awkward looks from strangers or mock concern from family and friends. The truth is that losing weight isn’t an easy task and it’s even made more difficult with the constant body shaming. An overweight individual might continue to pile on more weight because of the stress that comes from being body conscious. 

June Shannon, a television personality who is commonly known as Mama June is one person who struggled with weight loss. The TV personality who had a reality TV show – “Mama June: From Not to Hot” weighed at one point a total of 460 lbs. Although this show was meant to highlight the Mama June transformation, it gets cringe-worthy and there is a problematic scene about body image issues. 

June’s daughter, Alana AKA Honey Boo Boo informed her mom that her father (June’s ex-husband) Sugar Bear was getting married. Many people are usually motivated to lose weight because of lifestyle changes, jobs, relationships etc. What motivated Mama June to want to lose weight and to get a “revenge body” through weight loss was Sugar Bear’s wedding. She even wanted to bring a date to this event. 

Mama June got herself a guy from what appears to be a fake dating app interface and they meet at a local- buffet restaurant. However, it’s clear from the onset that this meetup is bound to fail. There is an indication that even if the date fails, June will have an unlimited amount of food to console herself with. Note that one way which can make people to gain weight, fail to manage weight or to lose weight is by comfort eating. Just like it was expected, the date went south and Mama June simply headed to the buffet and serves food including fried chicken. This episode was designed to be the fuel that she needs in order to undergo the weight-loss surgery i.e. the Gastric Sleeve Surgery. 

How the Gastric Sleeve Surgery Works 

A big portion of the stomach (about 80 percent) is usually cut out and then the remaining sleeve-like shape is attached together. Furthermore, parts of the stomach that are responsible for producing the hunger hormone i.e. ghrelin are usually removed and this normally results in reduced hunger and food cravings. The reduced stomach size, as well as the production of hunger hormones, means that the patient’s body will end up experiencing less calorie uptake. This creates a calorie deficit in the body leading to increased cell activity that results in the conversation of stored fat to fuel and therefore weight loss. 

Note that gastric sleeve is a permanent irreversible process. Once it has been done there’s no going back. The reasons why this type of weight loss method is usually performed on obese people are that its effects are long-lasting and it helps to improve the quality of life by reducing symptoms of obesity-related diseases. 

What Are the Cons of Gastric Sleeve Surgery? 

The gastric sleeve provides the following benefits: 

Reduced Hunger 

The small stomach size and the reduced amounts of ghrelin mean that most patients will end up experiencing less hunger pangs. This helps to prevent emotional or comfort eating of junk foods. 

Weight Loss 

Although this surgery normally leads to significant weight loss, it usually spreads out over a period of time. This allows the body to adjust perfectly and adapt to the new changes. Looking at the Mama June transformation, she has lost about 300 lbs. since her surgery in 2016 and her body size has changed from size 18 to 4. 

Experiencing the Full Benefits of Gastric Sleeve Surgery 

Gastric Sleeve, just like other methods of weight loss is not a quick fix solution that offers instant results. The Mama June transformation was fully experienced when she also decided to do a full lifestyle change. She implemented a healthy diet plan and a workout routine. Kenya Crooks, her personal trainer helped her to shed more than 80 lbs. in a period of three months. It’s therefore worth noting that in order for you to experience the full benefits of the gastric sleeve surgery, you need to reinforce it with a workout and a healthy diet. 

Even after losing weight, overweight and obese people still struggle with another aspect of saggy loose skin. After the Mama June transformation, she became affected negatively both emotionally and physically. This is because it’s very difficult to dress a body which has a lot of saggy skin and this can lead to low self-esteem. However, she underwent a tummy tuck, breast augmentation and the excess skin around her neck was also removed. 

Final Thoughts 

Obesity can make a person to be body conscious and this normally has a negative impact on a person’s general wellbeing. Before the gastric sleeve surgery, Mama June hated her body but currently, she loves what’s on the inside and the outside.

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Weight Loss Shakes: A Healthier Substitute to Coffee

A Healthier Substitute to Coffee 1

Most people start their day with a fresh pot of coffee. Some might even think there’s no morning without it. However, one replacement to that routine can change the way you would think about coffee permanently. That very replacement is a weight loss shake. Popular belief considers shakes to be full of fat and not healthy at all. Weight loss shakes haven’t been around long enough like coffee to make everyone aware about it. Here are some of the reasons why a diet shake is better than coffee:

Great Taste

Generally, shakes involve a foamy, creamy and full of fat drink that makes our mouths water when we get a glimpse of it. Unlike normal shakes, a weight loss shake is quite different. Health shakes include natural ingredients and flavors that come in a lot of variety. Apart from looking nothing short of spectacular, they actually taste good. Once you begin having the shake regularly, you will definitely develop a taste for it.

No Sugar

How can a weight loss shake be tasty and have no sugar? Well, yes! Diet shakes involve the use of natural sugars from a variety of fruits such as Mango, Strawberry, Blueberry, Banana, Raspberry, Peach, Orange, Apple, Pineapple and many others. Natural sugars do not harm your body like artificial sugars which reduce the natural production of insulin in the body. Also, since the shakes do not contain any sugar in it, no extra sugar goes inside the body which is quite essential for weight loss. The very first thing you would find if you happen to research on weight loss is that you have to cut down your sugar intake.

Minerals, Vitamins, and Proteins

All Health shakes are rich in various minerals, vitamins, and proteins. Protein shakes works best when you’re trying to lose weight. Burning more calories for weight loss is necessary and proteins help you achieve that without moving a muscle. Since our body burns more calories metabolizing protein compared to carbs or fat, it aids in losing weight. Furthermore, protein helps in muscle development which in turn helps in weight loss. And protein intake keeps your body full, hence your other food intake reduces and extra calorie intake is avoided.

Apart from proteins, Vitamins and Minerals play an important role as well. Vitamins and minerals are required for weight loss because human bodies require specific nutrients to boost enzymes which take part in breaking fat. If your body is deficient of the required vitamins and minerals, your body cannot break fat into energy and thus it becomes more difficult to lose weight. Vitamins important in aiding weight loss are A, B1, C, B2, B3, B12, D, Calcium, and Omega-3. Minerals are trace elements which assist in metabolism, maintain energy levels, stimulates protein production and reduce fat levels in the body.


Probiotics are basically microorganisms which help in digestion, heart health, and immune system. It is believed that certain probiotics limit the absorption of dietary fat from foods and hence body does not receive extra calories. It also fights fat by releasing hormone GLP-1, increased levels of which helps you burn fat. Another crucial hormone released by probiotics is ANGPTL4 leads to reduced fat storage.

It serves as a meal replacement

Diet shakes are rich in natural substances like vitamins, minerals, and proteins. They lack the artificial sugar that most other beverages contain. Having the necessary nutrients in it, you can replace a meal with it. Being a good substitute for meal replacement, it not only serves the body enough nutrients to not have a deficit but also inhibits injecting unnecessary calories into the body.

Having discussed all the benefits, here’s why you should consider it:

  • Has a great taste
  • Improves metabolism
  • Inhibits excess calorie intake from food by serving as a meal replacement
  • Provides energy boost
  • Avoids excess food cravings
  • Supports weight loss
  • Provides necessary nutrients required by the body


Weight loss shakes are rich in all these constituents, thereby making it a top choice not just for a beverage but also a meal replacement. As of now, an average person in united states consumes about 2 cups of coffee every day. Replacing this habit with a health shake improves health drastically and also reduces weight.

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The Best Detox Tea Market of Today

The Best Detox Tea Market of Today

Detox teas are special types of teas developed to detoxify the human body. They include a large number of essential nutrients that can remove most of the oxidants found in various organs, including the liver, the kidneys, and the intestines. Also, the flavonoids and antioxidants found in detox teas have a cleansing effect on the body, which in turn reduces the risk of oxidant-related ailments and conditions. Detox tea benefits are numerous to count.

The best detox tea may not have a lot of nutrients, but their cleansing effect makes them valuable to health-conscious people. In many detox tea weight loss programs, detox tea benefits to compliment exercise and healthy diets to help people detoxify their bodies. Also, best detox tea can be used as a form of minor treatment for digestive, liver and kidney problems.

Thanks to these properties, detox tea benefits have become quite popular, particularly among those regions that have sedentary populations as well as their demand for various health products, particularly those that have detoxifying properties. The market of detox teas, in particular, is expected to grow due to the growing popularization of natural remedies and herbal treatments. The market of detox teas are expected to be dominated by North America than Europe and then the Asia Pacific.

The Various Segments of the Detox Tea Market

The best detox tea market is expected to be divided on the basis of origins, form, distribution and health and wellness claims.

On the basis of origin, the detox tea market will be classified into either organic or conventional categories. However, the organic groups are expected to dominate the global detox tea market due to their clean label and strong demand for global food and beverage markets. As for the conventional group, it is expected to experience a slow decline in growth over the forecast period, though it is also expected to continue growing along with the rest of the health and wellness market.

With regards to form, detox teas are expected to be divided into sachets, premixes and ready to brews. Of these three groups, the sachets segment of the market is expected to become the best detox tea market (at least with regards to form) thanks to their availability and popularity. As for ready to brews and premixes, they are also expected to experience high-value growth over the foreseeable forecast period, though such growth may be subject to market corrections.

On the basis of distribution and distribution channels, the best detox tea market is expected to be divided into the following categories: liver detox, heart detox, intestinal detox and others. Of these groups, the liver detox group is expected to attract the most demand from people, mainly due to the detox tea weight loss and other digestive detox tea benefits.

As for health and wellness claims, the detox tea market is expected to be divided into direct and indirect categories. The direct segment includes those which are directly released to consumers by the best detox tea manufacturers, while the indirect segment of the detox tea market is further segmented into grocery store retailers, e-commerce retailers, hypermarket retailers, department store retailers, convenience store retailers and more.

The Detox Tea Market by Region

The market of detox teas is expected to vary from region to region. As we’ve mentioned, North America is expected to dominate most of the global detox market, followed by Europe and then Pacific Asia. This growth is mostly driven by a large consumer base.

Other regions, like Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East, are also expected to witness steady growth over the forecast period, though not as much as other regions.

Key Drivers and Barriers for the Best Detox Tea Market

The demand for the detox teas is mostly being driven by growing demand for natural remedial foods and beverages. Organic certification by regulatory groups and recognition from government agencies are also expected to drive up the organic segment of the market thanks in large part to the confidence generated by consumers. Additionally, the best detox tea markets also correlate with markets with a strong focus on health products and services.

As for growth barriers, the detox tea market will likely face problems in regions that don’t have high demands for natural remedial foods. Furthermore, it will also face growth restraints due to premium prices over traditional tea as well as lack of awareness among large segments of the global market.

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Women Have Better Chances Of Surviving Breast Cancer If They Have More Muscle


Researchers have discovered that women with more muscle mass have higher chances of surviving breast cancer. Exercise apparently not only helps lower breast cancer risk but also helps women who have already been diagnosed with it.  ( Francois Nel | Getty Images )

Women with more muscle have better chances of surviving breast cancer, though it is understandable that exercise is not the first thing on the minds of patients.

A previous study revealed that higher body fat, possibly due to lack of exercise, leads to a higher breast cancer risk in older women. Apparently, exercise and staying fit will also help those who have already been diagnosed with the dreaded disease.

How To Survive Breast Cancer? Pack More Muscle

Women with more muscle mass in their bodies are more likely to live through breast cancer, according to a study that was published in the JAMA Oncology journal.

The study involved over 3,000 women from the Kaiser Permanente of Northern California and Dana Farber Cancer Institute who were diagnosed with stage II or stage III breast cancer from January 2000 to December 2013. The researchers looked at the CT scans of the participants to determine the connection between muscle mass and mortality rates.

The researchers found that a higher muscle mass leads to higher survival rates, regardless of the age or cancer stage of women. Lower muscle mass, meanwhile, is conversely linked to a higher death risk.

The study, however, was unable to determine why higher muscle mass leads to a higher chance of breast cancer survival. The researchers, however, think there may be a connection with cancer’s effect on muscle tissue, as inflammation related to cancer may result in lower muscle mass and increased fat deposits.

“I was surprised by how high the prevalence of sarcopenia was in breast cancer patients with nonmetastatic disease, who in general have good survival,” said Bette Caan from Kaiser Permanente. The level of sarcopenia, or lower muscle mass, may soon be used for prognosis upon diagnosis of stage II or stage III breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Exercise Recommendations

“If we’re all going to deal with [muscle loss] as we age, better start identifying it as a risk factor now, and targeting it, so we can minimize its impact,” said ABC News chief medical correspondent Jennifer Ashton.

Women may build muscle through several ways, including lifting weights, exercises that use their own body weight such as squats, lunges, and yoga. Protein-packed diet is also important, with food such as lean meat, eggs, fish, and nuts.

Of course, women may do more than exercise to lower breast cancer risks, such as avoiding smoking, high-fiber food, and heavy alcohol consumption.

By maintaining a healthy body, breast cancer risk significantly decreases. Women who are diagnosed with the disease, meanwhile, should continue a proper lifestyle to help improve their chance of survival.

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Rare Double Robotic Surgery Simultaneously Removes Uterus And Colons Of Cancer Patient


A 63-year-old cancer patient from Croydon, south London, is now recovering after being simultaneously operated on two areas by a robot.

Procedure Removes Uterus And Parts Of Colon At The Same Time

Christine Lockton learned that she has colorectal cancer in September after experiencing unexplained weight loss. Tests showed that she had a large tumor in her colon that was already invading her womb.

Following a course of radiotherapy and chemotherapy, Lockton had a double robotic surgery at The Royal Marsden Hospital in London in March.

She had a hysterectomy to remove her uterus. She also had part of her colon removed, and the two procedures were done at the same time using the hospital’s da Vinci Xi robotic console. The technology is particularly useful for accessing hard-to-reach tumors.

Operating Patients Using da Vinci Xi

The Royal Marsden Hospital has the biggest program of robotic surgery for cancer in the United Kingdom. Since 2015, the hospital has already performed more than 800 robotic surgical procedures using da Vinci Xi but Lockton’s double procedure was a first to the hospital.

During the procedure, surgeons sat on opposite sides of a robotic console, which allowed them to see the affected area in detail using 3D magnified images.The robot’s hand is capable of rotating 360 degrees and its arms allowed the medical team to make tiny movements sans natural human tremor.

“The robotic surgeon operates via tiny incisions in the body and controls the machine’s movements from the comfort of a seat at the console,” said Paris Tekkis, who specializes in robotic colorectal cancer surgery.

“This is a benefit for surgeons, as conducting lengthy conventional surgical procedures can be physically demanding and lead to neck, shoulder or back problems.”

Less Invasive Option For Patients

The procedure is a less invasive alternative to open surgery, allowing patients to go home just days after the operation.

Tekkis said that besides improving access to hard-to-reach areas, the system also provides enhanced precision, vision, and control, which result in patients having less postoperative pain, reduced chances of getting an infection, less time spent in the hospital, and earlier return of urinary and sexual functions.

Lockton did not have to wait long before she could go home from the hospital.

“I can’t believe how quickly I have been able to come out of hospital and it’s lovely to be home,” she said. “I think the real healing will happen now.”

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Survey Shows Adults Prefer Popping Pills Than Exercise To Treat High Blood Pressure


People prefer to swallow pills or drink tea than to exercise to manage their high blood pressure. A Yale study showed that only 1 in 3 Americans are interested in prolonging their lifespan even if options are available.  ( Christophe Archambault | Getty Images )

People would rather take a pill or sip a cup of coffee than exercise to lower blood pressure and live longer lives.

A study at Yale School of Medicine surveyed 1,384 men and women and asked them which option they would choose if their lives would be extended for another month, a year, and five years. The participants are all under 45 years of age and have a history of hypertension.

The participants were asked to choose among pills, tea, exercise, and monthly or bi-annual injections. The majority of them, about 79 percent, chose pill. The rate consequently increased at 90 and 96 percent if their lives would be extended by one year and five years respectively.

Tea, which has antioxidant components, came in second at 78, 91, and 96 percent respectively. Only 63 percent of the participants chose exercise as their primary option, although the rate increased to 84 and 96 percent if their lives will be extended by another year and five years.

No To Extending Life

Study author Dr. Erica Spatz, an assistant professor of cardiovascular medicine at the Center for Outcomes Research and Evaluation in Yale, concluded that only 1 of 5 Americans are interested in prolonging their life expectancy by any means available.

The research, which was presented to the American Heart Association, on Saturday, aimed to determine how individuals choose treatment options for cardiovascular risks if they have to weigh the benefits versus its inconvenience.

“Our findings demonstrate that people naturally assign different weights to the pluses and minuses of interventions to improve cardiovascular health,” said Spatz.

“I believe we need to tap into this framework when we are talking with patients about options to manage their blood pressure. We are good about discussing side effects, but rarely do we find out if other inconveniences or burdens may be impacting a person’s willingness to take a lifelong medication or to exercise regularly.”

One in every three Americans or 75 million of the country’s population have high blood pressure. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention noted that only about half of those have their blood pressure managed or under control.

Hypertension is accounted for more than 410,000 deaths in 2014 or 1,100 deaths per day. It translates to $48.6 billion in hospitalization, medication, and related costs for the government and the patients’ families.

Wonder Drug

Meanwhile, an antihypertensive drug combining low doses of three drugs was presented at the American College of Cardiology 2018 Annual Scientific Session.

The TRIUMPH trial, led by Dr. Ruth Webster from the University of New South Wales in Australia, was able to use the combo pill to effectively decrease blood pressure faster compared to typical medications.

“This approach of triple low-dose therapy from the start of antihypertensive treatment is appropriate for all parts of [the] world as many patients are not reaching target blood pressure everywhere,” said Webster.

However, the development of the drug is just the first phase. Webster said that the real challenge is to make the drug readily available to low-income and middle-income earners who are at risk for hypertension.

This novel approach, according to Webster, has long been realized by the medical community, although no definitive action was taken. She explained that with the new guidelines present, clinicians are able to combine three different medications even if the patient’s blood pressure is not considered a hypertensive emergency.

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Kindness And Compassion Help Cancer Patients Speed Up Healing Process, Reduce Pain: Review


Kindness and compassion can work wonders in helping cancer patients recover faster and reduce pain. A study published in the Journal of Oncology Practice suggested six basic acts of kindness that have positive impacts on patients and caregivers.  ( Noah Seelam | Getty Images )

Basic acts of kindness and compassion for cancer patients can go a long way, especially in speeding up their healing process and reducing pain.

In 2014, Dignity Health, in partnership with Stanford University Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education, conducted a review of evidence-based works of literature exploring the impact of acts of kindness in the quality of healthcare.

Neurosurgeon Dr. James Doty, the research author, said the review suggested that healthcare, when delivered with kindness and compassion, can greatly reduce the duration and severity of common colds. More importantly, in a broader context, it can lead to better patient outcomes, reduced pain, and shorter hospital stays.

“In every domain of life and especially in healthcare where fundamentally we are focused on those suffering, kindness and compassion have a profound positive effect,” said Doty. “Human kindness, science, and technology form a powerful combination that can save lives, create the environment for healing and by doing so decrease cost.”

Above All, Be Kind

Specifically, kindness in the healthcare setting affects patients in at least six different ways. The study highlighted that patients are twice as likely to listen to medical advice if their doctor is a good communicator.

When patients require anesthesia for any operation, CCARE urged anesthesiologists to boost their patient’s confidence so they can take 50 percent less of the drugs required.

Patients who feel comfortable with their care provider are also inclined to share more information about their health; thus, making diagnosis more accurate. Compassion also enables patients to recover completely and prevent them from returning to the emergency department for the same illness.

CCARE concluded that compassionate healthcare environments are found to be more effective than aspirin in preventing heart attacks or stopping smoking habits.

As it turned out, kindness does have positive impacts not only on patients but also on caregivers. Caregivers working in kindness and compassion-oriented culture tend to be more engaged, less exhausted, and more resilient to stress.

Caring For Cancer

Leonard Berry, a distinguished professor of marketing at the University of Texas Mays Business School, said kindness and compassion are much needed in cancer care setting being a “high-emotion service.”

Berry’s study, published in the Journal of Oncology Practice, recommends six basic acts of kindness to relieve negative emotions that come with cancer diagnosis and treatment.

These six acts of kindness include deep listening, empathy, generosity in discretionary efforts, timely care, gentle honesty, and support for family caregivers.

“Cancer patients commonly depend on family members for assistance with medical care, daily needs and emotional support. Family caregivers themselves require training, timely assistance and emotional care to perform their role and to maintain their own health,” Berry said.

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Stress And Grief During Pregnancy Increases Chances Of Mental Health Illness In Children: Study


A study has shown that stress is a potent indicative factor of adults being depressed or children having ADHD. This data explains one of the possible causes of the increasing purchase of mental health prescription drugs.  ( Ian Waldie | Getty Images )

Women who experience stress and grief during pregnancy may be increasing the odds that their child might develop mental health illnesses once they grow into adulthood.

Scholars from the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy and Research conducted a study looking into the impact of maternal stress on the overall health of the unborn child. Lead authors Petra Persson and Maya Rossin-Slater said that what seems to be a natural process of getting over a deceased loved one could actually lead to ADHD, anxiety, and depression.

“We find that prenatal exposure to the death of a maternal relative increases take-up of ADHD medications during childhood and anti-anxiety and depression medications in adulthood,” Persson and Rossin-Slater wrote in the paper published for the American Economic Review.

Fight Or Flight

The study followed infants born between 1973 and 2011 whose mother lost a close relative during pregnancy. The researchers compared the data to those whose mother lost a relative after pregnancy. This data was analyzed in relation to records of mental health prescription drugs obtained by the study participants.

Analysis showed the impact of a loss of a loved one to maternal stress caused by factors such as a sudden change in household resources or composition.

The likelihood of purchasing prescription drugs for ADHD is 17.3 percent higher in women who experience pregnancy stress due to unemployment. Adults, who were born from a stressful pregnancy, have 9 percent and 5.5 percent increased the likelihood to take drugs for anxiety and depression.

Data presented by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stated that 70 percent of women surveyed from 2000 to 2010 reported an average of 1.81 stressful life events during the course of their pregnancy. The most common indicating factor of stress was financial particularly among younger, less educated, unmarried, and uninsured pregnant women.

A related study published in the Current Opinion in Psychiatry in 2012 noted the possible adverse outcomes of anxiety, depression, and stress in pregnancy for the mother and the unborn child.

“Chronic strain, exposure to racism, and depressive symptoms in mothers during pregnancy are associated with lower birth weight infants with consequences for infant development. These distinguishable risk factors and related pathways to distinct birth outcomes merit further investigation,” said authors Christine Dunkel Schetter and Lynlee Tanner.

Breaking Barriers

The researchers cautioned that their findings were not intended to cause further difficulty among pregnant women but rather to raise awareness on the impact of stress-related emotions for the health of the mother and the child.

Instead, the purpose of the study is to reduce stress through socio-economic support from the family and community such as giving paid maternity leaves and other resources intended for poor families.

“Moreover, since poor families are more likely to experience stress than more advantaged ones, our results imply that stress-reducing policies that target low-income pregnant women could play a role in mitigating the persistence of socio-economic inequality across generations,” the authors wrote.

The authors said that focusing on stress as the main factor for fetal problems opens a new realm of understanding. Previous literature has inclined more to malnutrition in establishing a relationship between fetal shock and adulthood.

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Inspired by the L.A. Marathon? Here are 10 secrets veteran runners know all about


Arm swing is ignored by most runners but shouldn’t be. A vertical arm swing — elbows and hands smoothly moving in a straight line, front to back, as you run — propels all your energy and momentum forward. But many of us swing cross-chest — elbows splaying out to the sides, hands swinging back and forth across the middle of the body — which sends your energy sideways and leaves you “rotating like a washing machine on every stride,” says Owen Anderson, author of “Running Form.” “That wastes energy, stresses your joints and causes you to run a slightly crooked line.” Tip: If you can see the back of your hands as you run, you are crossing your chest. Gently remind yourself to keep elbows in at your side, Anderson advises. Soon, it will become second nature. Also, balled-up hands create excessive muscular tension and contribute to a cross-chest swing. So relax the hands.

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Hey L.A., here are 4 ways to level up your fitness


Mark April 18 down for an outdoor group workout and health fair — around 500 people are expected. The event, held at an 80-acre park in Sylmar, is organized by 3 Wins Fitness, which holds free fitness classes in public parks, recreation centers and churches around Southern California, in conjunction with nonprofit exercise certification organization, the American Council on Exercise.

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