Fruit smoothie recipes for weight loss

Best Fruit Smoothie Recipes for Weight Loss!

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Your journey towards weight loss actually needs some amazing weight loss meal plans that will actually make your life amazing and also fulfilling! For decades, losing weight has been a hard process that is characterized by the most devastating and the most desperate moves! But with a fruit smoothie, you really enjoy at the same time achieve your goals of ever getting thinner. Did you know that fruit smoothie are now among the leading options for losing weight? Get the facts here from these 3 amazing fruit smoothie recipes that have actually made it possible to achieve the weight loss dreams!

What is a fruit smoothie?

A fruit smoothie is really a kind of a weight loss meal plan that will help the user attain the weight loss dreams! It’s a meal that’s actually characterized by the fruit types. It can take a variety of fruit types to achieve the best fruit smoothie! Majorly this weight loss meal is prepared using a blender after mixing a number of ingredients with the fruits that are chosen for the purpose!

3 different fruit smoothie recipes with Ingredients, Methods and Nutrition Serving

Below is the three different types of fruit smoothie recipes and their ingredients! You will also get the right guideline on the process that must be followed to have it well cooked!

Type 1: fruit smoothie


Get the following ingredients and begin your smoothie preparation process

  • A small halved banana
  • Some fresh or frozen blueberries specifically1cups
  • A tablespoon of honey
  • 15 kinds of ice cubes!
  • Some yoghurt


Using a blender, combine all the ingredients in the blender such as the bananas, blueberries, honey, yoghurt. Proceed with the blending process until you get a smooth product.

Add a few ice cubes and you keep on blending. Do the process until you get the right blending for your choice

Pour the contents in the glass and serve them immediately!

Green detox smoothie

Type 2: Green detox smoothie


  • A handful kale
  • Half cup froze pineapple
  • Two teaspoons of ginger
  • A cup of almond milk
  • A banana
  • Some ice cubes and the cayenne pepper


On a blender, add the ingredients on it then do the next process. The ingredients to be added a cup of the almond milk, the frozen pineapple, handful kale and also a banana. Blend them until the desired blend is obtained.

Add the ginger, ice cubes and also the paper as you keep on with the process until you get the smoothness that you really desire.

Pour the contents in a glass and enjoy them! It’s really one of the complex types of fruit smoothie that has amazing taste.

Type 3: Orange Banana smoothie

The ingredients are listed below


  • A cup of frozen mango
  • An orange
  • A banana
  • Almond milk(1 cup)
  • Few ice cubes
  • 2 teaspoons of yogurt.


Into a blender add the almond milk, frozen mango, a banana, and an orange. Blend it until you get the desired smoothness.

Add a few ice cubes and the teaspoons of the Greek yogurt as you blend. Keep on with the process until you get the thickness and the smoothness that really best suits you.

Pour the contents in the glass and enjoy it using a straw!

Health Benefits

Helps in weight loss

The fruits have amazing kind of enzymes that have been shown to offer amazing weight loss benefits. You will really have a chance to lose some chunks of weight without necessarily skipping any meals. It’s really one of the highly rated weight loss meal plans that have really assisted many people.

It has been shown to prevent dehydration

Fruit smoothies have been shown to be the best product that will actually reward you with water every morning. Smoothies with water are the only sure way to avoid dehydration.

Reduces food cravings

Taking fruit smoothies will actually keep you full for a longer time. The food cravings will be highly reduced and you will actually have a better chance of skipping a meal since you are okay with a smoothie!

A better digestion

Taking smoothies has also proven to possess some benefits towards healthy digestion. Smoothies will really improve the health of the digestive tract and there you get a better digestion process

It’s a sure source of antioxidants

Your smoothies can be actually enhanced by adding the green tea that is really rich in antioxidants. This ingredient such as the berries, sweet potatoes are the natural antioxidants.

Fruits are the best and they enhance body immunity.

When your morning breakfast entails smoothies, you are actually improving on your health since it has a way of improving and developing new calls that are healthy! When protective healthy cell s is developed, you get the best health immunity!

Side effects

No side effects are associated with this amazing weight loss meal plan! It’s a fruit and truly you don’t get tormented when your meal entails fruits!

The Bottom Line

To conclude, it’s important to consider this amazing weight loss recipes for health and the overwhelming benefits that accord us! It’s actually the only way to take care of the health issues that might really come with the weight loss! Don’t really wait, get started!